Museum Train Operation (proposed)

When fully operational, the Peninsular Railway and Lumbermen's Museum excursion railroad will be open on a seasonal calendar as follows:

Open late spring through early fall, Saturday & Sunday with three 20 mile/two-hour roundtrips a day from Shelton to Dayton Dry Sort area and return.  Depot Hours 9 am – 6pm.

Additional Operating Times for Special Events such as:

Holiday Runs from Thanksgiving to Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Thomas the Tank Engine, Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, History/ Education Runs for School Groups, and private group charters.

Future Operating Season to expand to include:

Fall Colors, Beer and Wine trains, Dinner Trains, Civil War Re-enactments, and Forestry Education.

Admission fees:

Sliding price scale with consideration for children, seniors, military, etc.
Ticket Prices starting at $20.

All operations will be governed by applicable Federal Railroad Administration standards. This includes equipment safety appliance, track, crossing, and bridge inspections, and crew training under the General Code of Operating Rules.


Proposed Equipment Roster:

This list includes many historic Simpson Logging Industry Cars as well as others.
o Simpson EMD SW900
o Simpson EMD SW1200
  Historic Cars:
o Log Cars – Some of these may be converted to excursion cars
o Side dump cars (MOW)
o Crane (MOW)
o Caboose To be used as interim ticket office

o Ballast equalizer
 Speeders: (54 for MOW, 53 & 55 could be used for small tours and MOW)
o Simpson 53
o Simpson 54 (with air compressor)
o Simpson 55
 Passenger Cars (Owned by members of PRLM and needing restoration):
o DLJX 475 Baggage
o DLJX 354 Observation
o CB&Q 342 Coach “Green Diamond”
o CFS 2709 Coach
o CFS 2702 Coach