PRLM Work Party Crew Update: May 10-13
Corey spent 6-7 hours each day into the evening concentrating on speeder safety for upcoming events and work parties. Brakes on #55 were fine tuned, exhaust was installed (generously donated by Corey's Dad) horns installed and tested,
front and rear headlights installed and several running lights changed out.

#53 received new front and rear headlights, horns, new strobe light, and new ignition switch. Anyone who has a key to #53 needs to contact Corey for a replacement. We will come up with some sort of policy for equipment keys and gate keys in the future, but more on the gate in a bit...

He also spent several hours clearing brush on the loop at South end of yard...
Corey also got started on the water supply for our area, installing 2 large ball valves to prepare for equipment washing and fire protection.

May 14 -16...

I spent 3-4 hours or so daily on our machines and grounds, finished plumbing chores and installing last ball valve with hose bib, laid out 400' of garden hose towards lokies, moved large equipment/tools from caboose to trailer, delivered 6 donated bus seats to trailer with more to come. Talked with Cookie from DaPaul and Doug from Railriders and came up with a plan
in which we all agreed to moving the 45' railrider container. I also plumbed and wired our prime pump for lokies, but need
to build a convertor cord so we can run it from 50 amp welder plug. Obtained and plumbed Weyco donated prime pump. Modified 3 air compressors for more capacity from speeder air horns. tested both small speeders in yard, all looks good Fueled #53 and #55, each took about 5 gallons...installed drain and quick connect for air on crane...I will make a convertor hose later, the crane could be a source for compressed air in the future if needed...(all parts and fuel installed this last week donated by either Corey or myself)

May 17...5-6 hours Bill, Corey, Josh, Joel, George, Janice and Dale

Dale and Josh supplied us with a welder to charge #900's batteries, Corey supplied an additional 200' of hose and filled cooling system, I primed oil galleries... #900 lit right up, #1200, side dump car and caboose all switched to either siding or main line by Corey, Josh, and Dale...Janice, Corey and George cleared brush for several hours towards loop...
Everybody assisted in the large 45' Railriders container move, special thanks to George and Cookie for making this move as painless as possible, container was leveled and set up on ties between the mainline and the loop, Doug seems happy with the setup...

May 18...many hours, many volunteers...

George, Janice, Corey, Joel, and Josh represented PRLM with a ride with Doug and the railriders. John delivered a gleaming 55 gallon barrel for trash to our equipment storage area, and loaned us a 3500 watt generator. Bill, John, Janice, and Joel escorted the Railriders after a short ribbon cutting ceremony and did a quick track inspection from Camp One to Knight's...looks like we need a lot of work on brush clearing, slide removal, and creek work where the spring flooded the line this past Winter. Corey did an oil change on #53 speeder.

May 19...many hours, many more volunteers...

The first day of the Olympus Rally saw us scrambling to tie up loose ends. Janice, George, Randal, John, and his NOPR crew washed and cleaned #201 caboose from top to bottom along with several of our members. Amy hauled brush with Randel and then cleaned and organized tools and supplies in #54. I did an oil change on #55 and worked with Corey to install auxiliary compressors in both #55 and #53. Josh, George, Joel, Pete and Janice moved #900 and #201 caboose to our position on the loop at the South side of the yard. After that, there was plenty to do working PR at the Rally, and everybody seemed to enjoy the railroad's presence.

May 20...Rally duty...

A strong representation was in duty for the second day of the rally as well. Corey and myself arrived at 9AM  to work the Lokie/caboose Info table along with Amy, Janice, George, Josh and Joel. After the racing had ended, all equipment used for our promotions were shuttled back to our storage area. I can't stress how happy I am with the turnout, and the various rally teams and sponsors were very grateful to Simpson and Green Diamond for providing them with the venue. After all, the railroad is one reason we have the world class roads these guys crave, as many of those roads were rail lines at one time...
Work Party for 9 AM June 3 and June 10?
I'm trying to keep us to a "twice a month" schedule, but I would like to try to get on Dale's schedule of day's off. I understand what it is like to work weekends, and if we can, I'd like to try to make the switch on the 10th of June. This should set us up to avoid Fathers Day and 4th of July as potential conflicts, yet get the most volunteers possible. But anyone is welcome to work anytime they want during the week, just remember for now, the board has mandated work only within the Camp One/Mill5/Dry Sort Yard, with an emphasis on equipment maintenance. Once a lease is signed, things will change...Please remember this is a working sort yard/industrial complex, please be safe and watch for other machinery. Several things that need attention are:

Draining and/or flushing the fuel from regulator and installing valve cover before operation

Starter replacement/repair on #53 and install heater core and fans, canvas replacement before winter

Check/tighten belts on #55 and continue brake block fabrication and installation, canvas replacement before winter,
installation of door sill to replace rotten lumber

Straighten stack on #900 and repair door lock/latch

Get more keys for #201 caboose...we only have 2!

Install filters on crane and source an exhaust flapper

Wire a convertor cord to run our own prime pump

Continued work on water supply at standpipes and leaky/malfunctioning valves

Barrel for oil spill supplies

Repairing fire protection/tool cart and prepping for track work upon lease agreement

Several things to remember in the future, we must remain vigilant in regard to safety, but not to the point of chasing volunteers away with over ambitious but well meaning policies. I feel the board may wish to address this in the future,
along with keys and equipment usage.
We have to start closing the gate behind us on the weekends when work parties ensue, and only use the South Gate for vehicle traffic, and of course, the East gate for train traffic. I have been "reminded" of this policy on several occasions
by various Green Diamond personnel, but have failed to relay it to our members and volunteers. They have been gracious hosts, and we should try to abide to their wishes. I will make a sign for the South Gate to remind us...
If something breaks, or you are not sure of how to do something, please ask! No one has all the answers, but we have
some great folks who know a helluva lot about trains, track work, mechanics, rigging, plumbing, hydraulics and logging,
just to name a few. We are here to help, and if we don't know the answer, I'm sure one of us knows someone that does. Things happen, machines break, and people make mistakes. Its not a big deal, we are just volunteers! We are all just
learning here, but I feel we can make this work by knowing our roles, and working with our strengths.Thanks for all your
hard work, I'm sure I forgot somebody or something!
William D Clark