PRLM Work Party Crew Update: June 3   

All equipment started and ran to operating temps, including #900 locomotive, crane, #54 speeder, and #55 speeder.Batteries are staying
charged on #900 by our bi-weekly startups, trying to run just long enough to charge but notwaste fuel. Belts were tightened on #55.
George and myself removed #900 horns and bells as per Josh for vandalism protection, and they are safely stowed and can be installed
in a moments notice, if needed. Pete took the large single horn home to test. Deadbolt mechanism and keyset were checked out by a professional locksmith and the news is not good, old lock seems to be damaged beyond repair, however, I am confident I can source an
exact replacement...not sure if it can be keyed identical to #1200, but if a key change is needed I will ensure our engineers and maintenance guys qualified to run machine receive updated keys...    #1200 locomotive is still in "winterized status", meaning coolant is drained, but
should be fine for an indefinite period for storage. Priming oil galleries, charging batteries, and filling coolant is all that's needed to bring her back into service, if needed.
    #53 speeder was not run, as we are still awaiting the starter to return from the rebuilders. Hoping to install starter and run it this weekend. Gunvor and Randel installed new upholstery and cushion bottoms in this machine. Please check out the pics online. Janice and Randel
have been sourcing canvas to re-curtain both small speeders; John, Dale, and myself are ready to replace missing and rotten wood in #55
with plans for interior painting being made. This is a small example of the restoration talent we have available even at this early stage on a small scale project...Hoping to do the heater core and fan install this weekend as well...
     Regulator was drained of approximately 20 gallons of fuel in order to flush and scrub the fuel tank of water, rust, and contaminants. We will finish the draining and clean tank this weekend, and will filter and reuse fuel if possible. After valve cover installation and refueling, I'd like to run this machine at full operation for a day or two within the yard, just to make sure we are ready to go out on the line if/when the lease is signed. Shooting for adjusting all the valves July 8th with Cory and Jim Davenport, and myself.
    #201 caboose is fast becoming a favorite amongst volunteers, it serves us well as a meeting place/break area and an obvious focal point of our efforts. Being one of the last ones ever manufactured in the U.S. makes it quite special indeed. A prime candidate for an easy future restoration, as it is in quite remarkable shape. I have cut several keys for the door locks and the prototypes work well, I will be handing out keys to appropriate personnel on a "as needed" basis or as per board recommendations. Janice and George organized the caboose glass and trailer storage, securely storing the spare machine glass in a donated trunk onboard the trailer. George and Janice also stapled down plastic sheeting over our donated ties to keep rainwater leaching to nearby ponds to a minimum. Janice and Randel also continued the never ending task of cutting and clearing brush, as well as Dale, who worked earlier in the week. He started organizing the scrap iron with George and Janice and organizing our reserve of track hardware in anticipation of lease signing. Dale's work on the track hardware will become quite invaluable as he is a great wealth of knowledge in this area. Dale has been working with me to come up with some proposals for key issuance and machine qualifications, I hope to present these and a few others to the board by their next meeting. Got some safety training in speeder #55 with Mike, who is willing to help out with putting the fire cart back into service. I removed the pump from this unit, engine still runs after some gentle coaxing, but pump unit was frozen. I tore into it and freed it up, testing will commence soon. If pump proves to be unserviceable I have plans for replacement. I wired a convertor cord to run our own prime pump off a welder this week as well.  Hoping to see growing numbers of volunteers show up in the future...special thanks to Dr. Bill Busacca for donating lunch to our work party!
    Anyone is welcome to work anytime they want during the week. Just remember, for now, the board has mandated work only within the Camp One/Mill 5/Dry Sort Yard, with an emphasis on equipment maintenance. Sounds like a lease is forthcoming, and we all want to be ready to go then before the ink dries. Please be safe and watch for other machinery. If you have keys, please remember your responsibility to the group and our landlords. Pick up our trash, be environmentally aware, and have fun!  Future projects and plans we have in the works...

    Finish draining and/or flushing the fuel from regulator and installing valve cover before operation.

    Starter replacement/repair on #53 and install heater core and fans; canvas replacement before winter.

    Continue brake block fabrication and installation on #55; canvas replacement before winter; installation of door sill to replace rotten lumber.

    Straighten stack on #900 and repair/replace door lock.

     Get board approval for a one time mainline work party to measure and mark mileposts at every 1/2 mile prior to lease signing to ensure proper mapping of trackwork, We should all revisit Dale's track inspection notes...

Organizing, inventory and sorting of all track hardware in anticipation of lease.

Present proposals to board for key distribution and equipment operation and qualification policies.

Installation of new seat cushions in speeder #55.

Install filters on crane and source an exhaust flapper.

Building air hoses for future paint/prep projects. We can use crane for air supply if needed; procurement of industrial gas/diesel air compressor, welder, for same. If compressor is large enough, we should be able to drive 1" pneumatic track wrenches... If not, obtain gas powered track wrench...possibly pursue larger oxygen acetylene tank donation than my own personal tanks. I am willing to donate torches and regulators, if lease goes through.

Continued work on water supply at standpipes and leaky/malfunctioning valves

Barrel for oil spill supplies, and draft spill procedure proposal for board and Green Diamond.

Repairing fire protection/tool cart and prepping tools for track work upon lease agreement

Dispatch and track traffic co-ordination with Railrider group in anticipation for lease...board approval needed.

Recruiting volunteers and continued safety/operational training on equipment.

Thanks to everybody, board members, donors and volunteers for your continued dedication and hard work.
William D Clark