Cory, James and myself prepped the regulator for the upcoming fuel injector install. Exhaust, hood, valve cover, valve train all disassembled in order to remove fuel injectors and deliver them to Earl of West Coast Mobile Equipment Repair for core deposit on fresh parts. I anticipate the installation of the injectors to be sometime after Labor Day, with testing and operation of regulator inside the sort yard. Cory and myself will continue to hook up linkage and sort out the cab controls in the meantime.

#55/#53 SPEEDER(S):

#55 continued to gain attention from Dale as he installed new floorboards, and I installed some fresh glass later in the week. We still need to wash both #55 and #53 as well as get them on a lubrication schedule before they are operated regularly. I also need to do some minor brake adjustments on #53 as well. Wood work on #55 should be completed soon as well.

Pete R. has been faithfully starting and running #900 in order to keep the batteries charged. Unfortunately, last week our luck ran out and the batteries did not have enough juice to do the job. I have been working with a large timber company for a donation of a large portable welder/generator suitable for our needs, especially keeping locomotives charged and jump starting as needed. I expect to hear sometime this week on the status of our request, as thing look quite promising. I will let you all know when I hear something, as this piece of equipment will be a boost to our effort.
Pete R. has generously donated a forklift to our group, and myself and Bill V.S. have been helping him get it running and ready to work. We are still a few weeks out, as we need to do some fabrication work in order to install a new mast and few other things. This should prove to be quite handy to load ties onto carts for track work, loading and unloading of supplies and equipment, and many other uses. I will provide forklift training if needed to anyone interested.

Joel, Pete P., and James did some preliminary brush work in our new work area, however, much more is needed in order to access all of our equipment easily. Please feel free to bring chainsaws, weed eaters, and pruners to any of our upcoming work parties, there is always plenty of work that needs to be done.
Brush clearing and site clean up is high on my list of things to be done, as we have a new work area that has plenty of vegetation and debris that should be removed in order to eliminate any hazards. We also need to finish up the wood work and sill installation on #55 before fall sets in. Continued safety training is needed as well as operational training. Dale has been working on our milepost signs, and I will be cutting him some sheeting to complete this project. When the lease is signed we will commence the installation of these, but until then we will be concentrating on working within the limits of the yard. We will plan for a work party on Sunday, September 9th at 9AM and perhaps another on the 16th to make up for any time lost for our Labor day Weekend hiatus.  Thank you to all of our volunteers, donors, and board members for your hard work.

William D Clark