William (Bill) Clark is our lead mechanic and he is charged with leading our volunteer work parties.  He reports back on a regular basis keeping the PRLM informed of progress made. 

Click the links below to read his reports:


Work Party Reports May, 2018

Work Party Reports June 3, 2018

Work Party Reports June 10-12, 2018

Work Party Reports June 24, 2018

Work Party Report July 8, 2018

Work Party Report August 5-6, 2018

 Work Party Report August 19th, 2018





January 23, 2018

Acme Fuel from Olympia filled up the crane and pumped a few extra gallons of diesel into the 900 today. It was our first fuel delivery by truck, and we were their first railroad customer!  As a non-profit organization we depend on our supporters' donations to continue coming in to help us buy fuel and pay the bills. We hope you will consider making a donation today, thank you!


January 19, 2018

A big thank you to Sierra Pacific Industries for donating Simpson RR rolling stock to us last month. We obtained three speeders, a caboose, a railroad crane, a ballast regulator and a dump car. The big part of the deal included the two remaining locomotives SW900 "City of Elma" and SW1200 "City of Shelton".



A Whole Railroad!

On November 18th, 2017 a PRLM volunteer track crew installed a railroad track panel across the private road at Chappell Crossing . This was to be the last gap of four repaired on the former Simpson Railroad line, making our railroad a full ten miles of continuous length again. Backhoe services were provided as a courtesy of Curt Bennett of Bob Kimbel Constuction of Shelton. Pete Replinger was honored by driving the last "golden" spike!




On October 28, 2017, the Peninsular Railway & Lumbermen's Museum will be holding a spaghetti dinner and silent auction fundraiser at Shelton Civic Center, 525 W Cota ST, Shelton, Washington 98584. All proceeds for this event are used for projects to rebuild our railroad and equipment to FRA standards to be able to haul tourist passengers on a 20 mile, two hour round trip ride through scenic Mason County, Shelton to Dayton and return. Dinner trains and holiday themed trains are possible future ventures. We believe the tourism resulting from the train rides will infuse needed dollars to the local economy. We may be requested to move freight for customers from a planned industrial park in Dayton at some point as well.

The Peninsular Railway and Lumbermen’s Museum is a "grassroots" all volunteer 501 (C) 3 nonprofit corporation and currently depends on the generosity of our donors for monetary support. The institution is dedicated to preserving and operating as a tourist line the former Simpson Timber Company railroad located in Shelton, WA.  Simpson Railroad was the last operation of its kind in the United States and ended with the closure and sale of the two company mills to Sierra Pacific Industries in July of 2015. The preservation and use of historic Simpson railroad equipment such as locomotives, log cars, cabooses, and maintenance of way equipment would be of high importance to provide living history and context, the scenic railroad will be operated to educate visitors in the manner of historic railroad technology and practice. By committing to living history, the riders become participants in the daily rhythm of authentic timber company railroading.

We are currently soliciting donations for goods or services that may be auctioned that evening. If you’re interested in donating, one of our members would be happy to come by and pick up the item, or you may call our representatives to set up further arrangements.

A dinner of homemade spaghetti, bread, and salad will be served from 5:00pm to 7:00pm with Silent Auction ending at 6:30pm. Dinner tickets will be $10 for adult or $5 for kids, each.

If you have any questions, you may contact:

Joel Hawthorn, Treasurer 360-490-3604 or Shannon Mazzoncini, coordinator 360-490-5138.

Thank you,

PRLM TAX ID# 81-4827245


Oct 21, 2017   

Starting tuesday October 24th we are looking for volunteers to help out with the track to reconnect the remaining short missing sections of track. the schedule is as follows, work schedule for our track gang volunteers meet 9:30am at at W Carman road. No work parties on Wednesday and Thursday. Work parities will resume Friday. Dates for the next three weeks. Oct   24th, 27th-31ST, Nov 3RD-7TH, 10TH-14th. Pete Replinger will be your point of contact. he can be reached at (360)426-8386, mobile (360)485-7506.

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Sept 22, 2017   

We have just gained permission from Green Diamond Resources to perform track repair and maintenance on the route to the sort yard. By next spring we hope to be bringing train rides to Shelton!  - in the 5-4 with ties at mile 4.4 10/23/2013.


Sept 14, 2017


Sept 13, 2017

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We are reaching out to people with specialized skills who would like to volunteer some of their time in helping us toward our goal of becoming a viable scenic railroad operation in Shelton. Good things are beginning to fall into place and if you are a book keeper, lawyer, grant writer or have marketing experience we would really like to hear from you. Please PM us if you would like to get on board and be a part of this effort. And as always, we do encourage anyone who would like to support us in any way they can to contact us as well. Our board members meet once a month in Shelton at the Mason Hotel (Front Street and Railroad Ave) to discuss current developments and strategies if you are interested in joining us or just interested in learning what we are doing.

August 24, 2017


IMG 3177 roundhouse junkAlthough we were ultimately unsuccessful in aquiring the historic Simpson roundhouse Sierra Pacific Industries has been super generous in agreeing to donate to us (PRLM) the two locomotives, which are in serviceable condition, the caboose, three speeders, the crane and various railroad tools and sundry. These items will give us a huge head start in beginning our new railroad. They even offered to give us the turntable and we are so very thankful for their support! Part of the agreement will hinge on our ability to remove the items from their property and we are formulating a plan which would entail obtaining a truck trailer or warehouse space to securely store the tools and equipment. If you or someone you know would donate, or let us use or purchase at low cost a container or two or storage space, we are a 501(c)(3) organization and donations to us are tax deductible.


July 26, 2017

Moving day came for the Silver Top yesterday. Here it was being placed on a low boy to be trucked to a temporary storage space in a rail yard at Chehalis, Washington. For the last 20 years the car had been used as vendor space at a shopping village/mall in Bothell, Washington. The Peninsular Railway and Lumbermen's Museum (a 501 (C) 3 non-profit) was granted the former CB&Q Passenger Car 342. They plan to restore the car and eventually add it to a railroad excursion in Shelton, Washington. Some additional history of the Silver Top: Car originally built in 1937 as Fort Worth and Denver 52 seat coach #403 Silver Top. It was reconfigured into a coach/dinette around 1940. The car was again reconfigured into a snack bar coach in 1969 and renumbered Chicago Burlington and Quincy #342. After retirement, the car was modified for use at Andy's Tukwila Station restaraunt along with several other rail cars. Andy's closed in 1996, and the car subsequently was moved to the Country Village location.

June 18, 2017

Move the Silver Top car!


We have been granted former CB&Q passenger car 342. This car will be a wonderful asset for our proposed excursion railroad in Shelton Washington. To this end, we wish to interpret the rich history of the area while also stimulating commerce and tourism.What we need is assistance covering the cost of the move. Initial estimates are $15,000 to move the car from its current location in Bothell, WA to interim storage in Chehalis, WA. Once in Chehalis, light restoration can take place so the car will be available for service. All tax deductable donations raised through this program will go towards the movement and restoration of this vintage car for everyone to enjoy.   Here is the GOFUNDME link to the fundraising effort:  CLICK HERE


March 28th 2017

Online Store



We have started an online store! Currently, we are selling a T-shirt that we made to get the word out about our project. We will soon have two book titles for sale which pertain to logging railroad history in the Pacific Northwest: Gary Durr's recent book "LOGGING RAILROADS OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST (Vol. 1)" and "LOGGING TO THE SALT CHUCK" by John Labbe and Peter Replinger.  Both volumes are in Hardcover format.  Each sale helps support our efforts to aquire the railroad and get this project off the ground. Check back soon for more merchandise.



February 23rd 2017

501(c)(3) status Granted!!!


We recieved word that the IRS has officially granted our 501(c)(3) tax exempt status! This means all donations made previously and from this point on are now eligible for tax deductions. Getting this status will open up a host of opportunities for our organization.